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Luna Luna

24 Jul

The fabulous Lisa Marie Basile has asked me to write for her new blogging venture, Luna Luna!

I’ll be talking about poetry, creepy things, and every so often sex things. So all the stuff in life that I enjoy. Come read and follow us, “for grrls who like black nailpolish and brainy debate”


Hyacinth Girl Press

17 Jul

I have this (I like to think) incredibly fabulous little feminist poetry chapbook micropress called Hyacinth Girl Press. One of my dearest and oldest friends, Sarah Reck, works on it with me and we’re about to start our third year of publishing. Each year when I start a new cycle, I get to announce the following year’s lineup. I like to plan ahead.

So, here’s the lineup for Year 4 for Hyacinth Girl Press! I get super excited every year when I select my books, and this year is no different. I’m really lucky I get such amazing submissions from such amazing poets.

I feel like one of the things that has begun to happen with my press that I hadn’t consciously decided to do when I founded it, is that I’m not just creating a stable of fabulous poets – I’m trying to build a community of writers who I appreciate and I can see working together. I have a few poets who I’ve accepted multiple chapbooks from (Juliet Cook, Dana Guthrie Martin, and Laura Madeline Wiseman), and I don’t see that as being repetitive, but as strengthening my bonds with those poets. I’ve also now accepted work from 4 different male poets, 2 through collaborative manuscripts and 2 with their own books, and it makes my heart warm to know that these men 1. wanted a book with a feminist press, 2. are okay with the words “Hyacinth Girl Press” being on said book and 3. are feminist enough in their work that I am very very excitedly publishing them.

My poets may be scattered across the country, but in this totally dorky way I feel like many of them are some of my best friends now and my real poetry community, and hey, when I want to hang out with them I get to travel and that’s always fun!